Tagney SASU specializes in underwater ship hull maintenance and cleaning. It’s team of divers services ships in the Port Autonome of Strasbourg, PAS, France. While the ship is in dock we clean and inspect the ship hull below the water line. This is efficient both in time and money.

Tagney SASU  is a France, Limited Liability Company.

In dock underwater ship hull cleaning + cleaning and polishing of propellers.

Biochemical corrosion and fouling of the ship hull with different algae and other marine organisms are one of the main reasons the ship hull gradually leads to negative affects:

  • Loss of speed up to 30%;
  • Fuel consumption increase by 20-25% or 5-8%. Fouling of ship propeller and hull will cause the ship to consume up to 25-33% more fuel in total per voyage, multiply this by 365 days. How much does fuel cost you per year?

Your ships hull (the bottom) accumulates large quantities of algae and other marine organisms “colony of settlement”. Despite up-to-date means of ship anti-fouling protection, algae outgrowth can be as thick as 500 millimeters or more. 

This equals to speed loss of 30% and and and equal percentage of increased fuel consumption. Regular underwater cleaning of the ship makes it possible to restore the initial speed by 95-98% and respectively decreasing the fuel consumption costs.  

As a rule, fuel accounts for almost half of the operating costs. 

It is also advisable to clean and polish the propellers: first, cleaning the propeller decreases its cavitation which destroys the surface of the propeller, second, cleaning the propeller also has a fuel saving effect.


    Advantages of underwater hull cleaning

The underwater cleaning of hull, cleaning of propeller, cleaning of sea valves gratings and other structural members subjected to fouling do not require docking. The scheduled underwater cleaning of the hull is very economically advantageous during the inter-docking period, for example, such measures can save up to 900 t fuel oil/year for a shipowner having tanker of 50 t displacement. Here is a brief list of efficiency of such procedure as the underwater cleaning.

  • Ship’s weight decreases, hence manoeuvrability and speed increase;
  • Surfaces are ready for inspections or repair works;
  • Fuel oil consumption decreases;
  • Ship’s total lifetime increases.